Doreen Peebles

I live in Cranbrook, BC in the heart of the Canadian Rockies and enjoy a variety of activities in the mountains. In the mid-eighties, I met Pippa at the Kimberley ski hill when our kids were in the Nancy Greene Ski Program. We skied together and always had a ton of laughs. Her high energy and enthusiasm were so contagious it encouraged me to ski longer days and more difficult runs.

In February 2006 I fractured my femur in a skiing accident and while waiting for help to arrive I vowed to myself that I would follow Pippa's example and remain positive, cheerful, upbeat and keep my sense of humour no matter what lay ahead of me! I've seen how Pippa has coped with the challenges that MS has presented her and even though my challenges were a fraction of what Pippa faces on a day to day basis, I used those coping mechanisms to deal with more surgery after my femur did not heal and when I broke my tibia on the same leg.

Trekking in Nepal has not been on my top 10 list of things to do. But now, accompanying Pippa on this trek to Mt. Everest Base Camp is my top priority – it is number one! I am so grateful to have a goal as I workout to strengthen my leg. I have always turned to the mountains for peace, strength and comfort, I can hardly wait to experience the soul soothing capabilities of the mountains in Nepal and to be a part of the team that will "Rise Above Barriers" as we trek through the Himalayas with Pippa.