Jasper Blake

I was raised in the small mining town of Kimberley, BC and moved to Collingwood, Ontario through my teen years.

I am one of Pippa's sons and, as such, have a vested interest in this undertaking. It's always been a dream of my Mom's to make it to Base Camp - I'm just thankful she didn't want to go all the way up to the top!. We have always talked about getting Pip to Nepal and this year my brother and Kristina stopped talking about it and decided to take action.

Pip has always been the source of energy that drove my brother and me to many things and she always found ways for us to have exceptional life experiences. When we were 10 and 8, she picked us up and moved to New Zealand where we lived on a sheep farm and hitch hiked around the country.

After 5 years at the National Ski Academy, I spent a year on a tennis scholarship at the University of Wisconsin in Green Bay. I transferred to the University of Guelph, where I raced for the Cross-Country and Swim teams. In 2000, I completed a degree in Human Kinetics. I am 33 years old, happily living with my partner, Judith Selman in Victoria, BC and hammering away at the Ironman triathlon.

I am looking forward to this trip to Nepal. It will be challenging for sure but as with most things, the harder it is, the more you get from it!