Nick Leinweber

I was born and raised in the small ski and mining town of Kimberley, located in British Columbia’s East Kootenays. Growing up in such a location, I spend the summers backpacking, mountaineering, mountain biking and hiking with my family throughout the Purcell and Rocky Mountain ranges. In the winter I can usually be found on our local ski hill with my brother Anton.

After completing high school in Kimberley I attended the University of Victoria for four years and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in the spring of 2006. In those four years I became very fond of the west coast and its inhabitants especially the Catface locals of Tofino. For the summer and early fall of 2006 I worked as a lab manager for a mineral exploration project in the central Yukon before traveling throughout Southeast Asia and later teaching skiing in Japan.

Pippa is a friend that I have met through my parents and other family members and is a character in many of the stories about the "good old days" of the Kimberley North Star ski hill and ski school. Though I don’t remember those days, the stories and tales are fantastic and after meeting the characters involved, such as Pippa, one soon understands why.

I received the information regarding this expedition through a family member and jumped at the opportunity to be apart of such an adventure. After meeting Pippa, Penny and the several other members of the team I feel privileged to be a part of such an inspiring and enthusiastic group of individuals and I am delighted to join this team and help achieve its goals and create inspirational stories and tales of its own.