Shawn Daniels


I'm thrilled to introduce myself as one of several 'Sherpas' on this trek to Everest with Pippa and Penny. It's a fantastic experience to be a part of a great group of people who are working together with Pippa in preparation for the experience of a lifetime. It is inspirational to see Pippa and Penny doing all they can to pursue their dreams, and to counteract the perception that a disability is an insurmountable obstacle to exploring the backcountry. I share Pippa and Penny's enthusiasm for the outdoors and like them, I have dreamt of travelling to Nepal and setting myself before the great mountain that Everest is.

My love for the outdoors goes back to my days in Calgary where I climbed, hiked, biked and snowboarded all through Kananaskis and the Rockies. Exploring the mountains has always been my main passion and although it may seem ironic to not be doing so in the Rockies, it wasn't until my move to the island that I began more serious mountaineering adventures. It was on the island that I became involved with the Alpine Club which opened up the opportunity for more serious adventures in a safe setting. In all my backcountry travels, the interaction with Mother Nature (and succumbing to her will at times) is truly a gift and to share it with friends and other like-minded individuals makes it all the more special.

I remember looking out on Mt. Rainer sometime ago wondering when I'd get there and later that year I was there. I held similar thoughts with Everest and here I am heading out on an amazing adventure with a wonderful group of individuals. As much as I am a part of a team that is supporting Pippa in achieving her vision, Pippa, the gang and the whole adventure has given me the opportunity to realize my goal of going to Nepal. I feel fortunate to have met Pippa and Penny. They both have wonderfully warm spirits and have shown me that the right attitude and a whole lot of enthusiasm can take you to places often only captured in dreams!