easter decorations

The Best Easter Decorations Ideas

Spring is right around the corner. This means warmer days, more sunshine flowers and most importantly, Easter. While Easter might still be days away, we couldn’t wait to share some of our most favorite decorating ideas with you.

Bring in some Flowers

Spring brings along greater hopes for new beginnings. This is well replicated by the fresh green grass and thousands of flowers blooming all over. There is no harm in bringing a little color sensation to your house to create the ultimate festive whimsy. Of course, tulips are the flowers for the season. However, you can also can mix up some ferns, leaves and other seasonal flowers to create an incredible centerpiece.


Welcome your guests for the Easter brunch with an incredibly crafted front door wreath. You can go for a cute bunny wreath, or a more sophisticated one to welcome your adult guests for Easter dinner. What’s more, filling your wreath with candy makes it a perfect Easter gift for kids.

The Egg Hunt

One of the best things about Easter decorations is how fun and kid friendly they are. Suffice to say, Easter celebrations would not be complete without the phenomenon egg hunt. You can use plain eggs, but colored and creatively designed ones would be much more thrilling. Besides candy, there are other incredible things you can put in your eggs including money, jewelry, and puzzle pieces erasers among others. From cactus eggs to galaxy and marble eggs, you have a wide range of design options that would best suite your taste.

Easter Tree

Also known as Osterbaum, Easter trees have been an important part of Easter decoration since 1960s. Today, Easter trees are quite common and often, you will see people embracing the tradition and even going the extra mile of decorating the tree with handmade ornaments, flowers and egg topiaries.